Celebrate Your Victories!

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Victories Podcast – A podcast about the realities of digital marketing. Listen in each month to learn about the tactics and strategies, soft skills, and technical requirements that go into digital marketing success.

I’m Katherine Watier Ong, owner of WO Strategies LLC and organic traffic consultancy. And I’m Jim Keeney, owner of FitterWeb consulting and founder of Dapt, the platform for the engagement economy.


Let’s get into it and celebrate our victories.


Ep 9: The Soft Skills Necessary for SEO Success – an Interview with Tom Critchlow

With a background working at Distilled, Google and now as an independent consultant Tom Critchlow has a dynamic set of experience around how to move an organization forward with your digital recommendations. He’s also been thinking and blogging quite a bit about how to...

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Ep 8: Persuade More Effectively by Becoming a Better Speaker- Interview with Brenden Kumarasamy

As a Digital Marketer, you’re going to need to be comfortable giving presentations and potentially public speaking at some point in your career. How do you gain those skills if you think you need help? And can you become a better communicator even if...

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Ep 7: Using Data to Persuade, Train, and Pivot your Marketing Team and Strategy with Janet Driscoll Miller

Learn how to create a data-driven culture and internal processes by using data to persuade others with Janet Driscoll Miller from MarketingMojo.

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Ep 6: Everything You Need To Know About Latinx Marketing – Interview With Javier Von Westphalen

Understanding your target audience is everything when it comes to digital marketing. And often, that requires creating more than one persona for a group that you might have thought was “all the same”.  Join us today and learn about how diverse the Latinx community...

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Ep 5: How To Grow Your Business With Content Marketing – Interview With Lori Sullivan

Today we’re exploring how Lori Sullivan integrates creativity, team collaboration, and data-driven strategies to attract quality leads that turn into revenue at Fleetio, an outstanding software for fleet management. Our website is our most important asset. If we don’t understand the experience visitors are...

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Meet Your Hosts

Katherine and Jim are both owners of digital marketing companies serving the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) area. They began this podcast to learn more about their own industry and share the great stories and victories of digital marketing professionals from around the area and across the world.