Celebrate Your Victories!

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Victories Podcast – A podcast about the realities of digital marketing. Listen in each month to learn about the tactics and strategies, soft skills, and technical requirements that go into digital marketing success.

I’m Katherine Watier Ong, owner of WO Strategies LLC and organic traffic consultancy. And I’m Jim Keeney, owner of FitterWeb consulting and founder of Dapt, the platform for the engagement economy.


Let’s get into it and celebrate our victories.


Ep 13: How to optimize videos in your marketing strategy – Interview with Patrick Frank

About this episode In this episode of Digital Marketing Victories podcast, we talk to Patrick Frank from PatchBay Media, a professional video producer since 2009 and author of Zoom Out: The Video-First Playbook. We talk about how businesses and event organizers had to switch...

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Ep 12: How to future-proof your business – Interview with Terry Dry

About this episode In this episode, we talk to Terry Dry, the CEO of Future Proof Advisors, and his concept of future-proofing your marketing plans and how your company can future proof your growth plans. So I’ve always kind of gone with this mantra...

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Ep 11: How to make websites accessible by Americans with disability – Interview with Lea Scudamore

About this episode In this episode, Katherine and Jim celebrate the victories of Lea Scudamore, SEO at Aimclear, a leading digital marketing agency and 17 times winner of the US Search Awards.  She has this really powerful story to share about why she is...

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Ep 10: How to be an in-house catalyst for change – Interview with Christina Del Villar

About this episode In this episode of Digital Marketing Victories, Katherine and Jim celebrate the wins of Christina Del Villar, Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist at Christina Del Villar LLC.  In this interview, Christina would share her funny stories of mistakes and triumphs in...

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Ep 09: The Soft Skills Necessary for SEO Success – an Interview with Tom Critchlow

With a background working at Distilled, Google and now as an independent consultant Tom Critchlow has a dynamic set of experience around how to move an organization forward with your digital recommendations. He’s also been thinking and blogging quite a bit about how to...

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Meet Your Hosts

Katherine and Jim are both owners of digital marketing companies serving the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) area. They began this podcast to learn more about their own industry and share the great stories and victories of digital marketing professionals from around the area and across the world.